Glue laminated beams for the DIY enthusiast

If you're working on your own DIY project, you'll be looking to reduce costs wherever possible. Buying glue laminated beams direct from us could help you make savings.

Glue laminated beams are perfect for carports, garages, sheds, porches, floors, columns, houses and other buildings. They're

  • easy to work, light and fire resistant
  • low maintenance, long lasting
  • treatable (upon request)
  • environmentally friendly (from sustainable forests; low energy to produce)
  • nice to look at

More about the benefits of glue laminated beams and what they can do for you.

A great alternative to steel and concrete

Glue laminated beams are natural, economic and pleasing to the eye - at a competitive price

Glue laminated beams in the home

Glue laminated beams as structural supports

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Glue laminated beams for the DIY enthusiast
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